To the Doc

Hi everyone!

I have not written for a long, long time.  Been busy living, I guess.  This one is going to be short.  I have written a couple of medical posts before, the most recent ones soon before we retired, when I had surgery that took out my left adrenal gland and a small hormone releasing tumor on it that played havoc with my blood pressure and potassium levels.

Anyway, we moved here in January, 2014 and tomorrow will be my first visit to an internist since we moved.  I just turned 66 and I reckon it is past time.  I have been to a dermatologist and to an eye doc, but not to a primary care type of doctor.  I am going to the Clinic Diabet, because I am a Type II diabetic and it is a one stop shop for folks like me.    I’ll post a little not about the outcome in the next week or two and will hope for the best.

That’s all for now