We left Mérida on May 17, taking the bus 4.5 hours to Playa del Carmen.  We spent the night there, meeting friends at Wah Wah Beach Club, one of our favorite places in Playa.  They were having a micro-brew festival and we had a few good beers, a nice dinner and a nice visit with Rick, Sue, Erik and Jan.

The next morning we took the bus from Playa to the Cancun airport (one hour) where we caught a nonstop flight to Newark, NJ.  Nonstop flights and travel days that were as short as possible are a theme in the trip.  We spent the night near the airport and the next evening we boarded a flight to Barcelona.  During the day there, we replaced  a large suitcase that lost a wheel.  Gave us something to do with our time.

We arrived in Barcelona the next morning, only going through six time zones, so we we were a bit dazed and confused.  Immigration and customs were formalities – they glanced at our passports and custom forms as we walked through, it seemed.

After finding an ATM and getting a cup of coffee, we took a taxi to our hotel, arriving before noon.  They let us stow our luggage in our room and we went out to explore the Eixample, the section of the city where we were staying.  More on that later.  We walked around, found a place to have lunch, explored a bit more and returned to our hotel, where we had a nice, small one bedroom apartment about a 15 minute walk from the old, historic center of the city.

I went shopping, bought some jamon, some bread, some cheese and some wine.  We had another snack and then we then slept about 12 of the next 16 hours, largely recovering from jet lag.

Here are a few photos, and there will be more on Barcelona in the next few posts.

P1000728 P1010017 P1010015 P1010011 P1000743

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