Some travels and a future update

Hi everyone!

It has been some time since I have written anything here – wow, since September 7 – Brasil’s Independence Day.  We have been a wee bit busy, but not that busy.

We’ve had some company.  Jorden, our ‘adoptive’ grandson arrived in early October, spending 9 or so days with us, three weeks with a host family at a language school, two weeks volunteering at a local school, another week or so with us and then he was off to Playa del Carmen to meet up with his family and a friend who flew down from Vancouver BC for vacation.

We went over to Playa a few days later where I officiated a wedding vow renewal ceremony on the beach for two good friends from Oregon.  We came back to Mérida, had a few days off and then Jeff and Julie arrived on November 26.  They are other good friends from Oregon.  We did Thanksgiving here, went to Celestun for a day and did the flamingo tour, and then headed to Isla Holbox on Saturday, spending 4 nights there.

We are back home now and have nothing much scheduled firmly until mid-January.

I plan to do a blog post on the mini-vacation to Playa, one of the day trip to Celestun, and another one on our first visit to Isla Holbox.  I am also working on a post about our first year of retirement and living in Mexico.  This should all happen in December.

A couple of photos, as a teaser


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