Cablemas and the Rules

Cablemas is our local cable provider.  We currently have internet and a land line phone with them.  The bill is in the name of the owner of the house, an owner who has not lived here for three years. We are the second set of renters since they moved back to the states.  Mind you, this is not unusual, the electricity, water and everything else is also in their name.

We decided to add a television package, so I went to the Cablemas office.  Once there I was told that to add or change any services the account needed to be in my name.  No problem, I said (somewhat naively), lets change it.  No, not that easy, you see in order to change it I needed a communication from the current account holder authorizing the change.  I came home, emailed the owner and he sent me a scanned note authorizing the change.  Cool, I’ll go back the next day, change the account to my name and add TV to our package.  Well,…….

The nice woman took the note to the back office.  She came back about five minutes later and said no, that would not do.  They needed a form letter filled out and signed by both the current account holder and by me.  In addition, they needed a copy of the photo page of the current account holders passport and a copy of my residency card.  I said it seemed a bit difficult to change the name on an account.  She gestured in the direction of the managers’s offices and said:  “It is political.”  I told her I would see her next week with the required documents. :).  After shuffling papers she found a copy of the form letter for me.  I’ll sign it, send a scanned copy to our landlord.  He’ll sign it, scan it and send it back.  Then I will give it another whirl.  Maybe this time what I provide will suffice.



9 thoughts on “Cablemas and the Rules

  1. When we did not live in Mexico. We simply sent a letter authorizing our property manager to make the changes. Attached was a copy of the account holders passport. That worked for Cablemas in Playa. Seems similar but not quite to what you needed to do. We do not allow bills to be changed over to our rental guests names as we do not want to lose control of any account. Most, but not all, owners have that policy.

    • We are, in essence, the property managers as long term renters. We will be here at least two years. I have no desire to have other accounts (CFE, water, taxes, garbage collection, gas company) changed to our name even though we are the payers. Cablemas tells me this one is necessary. We will play by their rules.

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