Quick, Free Medical Consultation

Last week Kathy developed an earache.  She said it felt a bit like swimmer’s ear.   We are in the pool everyday, so that makes sense.  We also have not yet settled on physicians here in Mérida, but needed one now.  Enter Farmacias del Ahorro, and their free doctor consultation program.

We went to the one near the sports complex where we do our walking.  I talked with the attendant at the counter who referred me to the physician consultation waiting room.  After a few minutes the Doctor saw Kathy, took some basic information and asked her what was bothering her.  My basic Spanish and his little bit of English were sufficient for communication.  After examining her years, nose and throat he prescribed an ear drop solution that included an antibiotic, anti-inflammatory and a topical analgesic.

Three and a half days later the ears are much improved.  I think this will work for simple stuff, but now we need to get about the business of finding regular doctors.


2 thoughts on “Quick, Free Medical Consultation

  1. Hi Kathy & Ron,
    I had a similar experience a couple of years ago. After much walking in new shoes or sandals, can’t remember, I went to the Farmacias del Ahorro at the Grand Plaza looking for a blister bandaid. My poor Spanish stumped the counter girls but the English speaking pharmacist or doctor ( unsure) understood me but had no suitable product we normally find on the shelves at home. He assured me he could write me prescriptions for any other other needs such as Viagra !!
    Good to know but when you find a real doc let us know.


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