Five months in

We moved down on Jan 30. It is almost the end of June now, so that is close to five months. We made our first trip to the states in early June, spending two weeks there. Saw family and friends – it was a good trip albeit a bittersweet as speaking at my brother’s Memorial Service was part of trip.

We flew non-stop from Cancun into Atlanta, rode up to Missouri with our sister-in law (cuñada for those of you wanting to expand your Spanish vocabulary) and then rented a car for the rest of our trip.

The nonstop bus ride to the Cancun airport and back to Mérida was about 4 hours long. The advantage was a less expensive flight and the non-stop. Going directly into Atlanta was a more pleasant experience than immigration and customs in Houston or Dallas.

Speaking of immigration, now that we have our residente temporal cards we fill out a immigration form on the way out of the country (do they still call it an FMM form?). We did this at the immigration office near the check-in counters at Terminal 2 at the Cancun airport. The immigration official wrote “residente temporal” at the top of the portion we would keep and use on our way back into Mexico.  Flying back in, our passports and residency cards were scanned.  I understand that if this re-entry procedure is not done correctly your immigration status can move rapidly into limbo.  We are glad to have the experience under our belt and know what to do should we get an inexperienced worker on future re-entries

It was good to see folks and it was delightful to get to our home in Merida. The cat did all right with a neighbor coming over each day to feed him and clean his litter box. She brought her youngest son over with her and he enjoyed petting our old guy.

Tomorrow we are going to take our second Yucatán day trip, heading to Izamal. I will report on that later this week.

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