Time flies

It has been a couple of weeks since an update. I could say we have been busy, and we have a little, but I have really just slacked off 🙂

Here are the major happenings in our corner of the world:


Kathy’s residente temporal status has been approved.  On Monday she will go into the immigration office to sign documents and get fingerprinted and she should have her card by the end of next week.  This status is renewable after a year and is good for a maximum of four years.  After that she can apply for the residente permanente status.  Her application for temporal status was based on unidad familiar (family unity) and we had to sign a statement saying I would be responsible for her.  She now jokes that she is an officially kept woman.


We are moving to a new house at the end of the month.  The current one started out as a three month lease and the owner is willing to go on a month-by-month basis but, with the house on the market, we want something longer-term and more stable.

The new house is in the Santiago neighborhood, a couple of blocks from Parque Santiago and its market and not far from the Merida English Library.  It is a very nice three bedroom, three bath two-story home with nice garden areas and a swimming pool.  After a string of days near 100 degrees (it is the hot season here), we are glad to have decided a pool is a requirement.

Fortunately we made the decision to move before we unpacked all the boxes we had shipped down, so preparation for this move will not be a daunting task.


We have put down a deposit on a Toyota Avanza, a small minivan that is not available in the USA.  Now we just have to open a bank account next week and transfer down the money to pay for it.

Kathy’s Spanish Class

Kathy did a two week Spanish immersion experience at a language school – Habla is the name of the school.  She was pleased with the experience and will be going twice a week now.  We are doing some Spanish talk at home.  Learning a new language can be a difficult task, but she is off to a good start.

That is the short update on the more significant hapenings in our lives.  We have been here for close to three months and I continue to be very pleased with our decision to move here.


5 thoughts on “Time flies

  1. I’m happy to hear that all is still going well. We come down this week for a short two week jaunt and hopefully will be there full time come October… We’d love to meet sometime…

  2. Check with Steve (Mexpatriate in the key of) about opening an account and transferring the money down to buy a car. He seems to have encountered complications that delayed the purchase. He wrote a blog about it, as I recall

    • I expect a complication or two beyond what we have already had :). There is a 10,000 peso discount in April. Fortunately we can add some to our deposit to hold that price into May if we need to.

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