Time flies

Hi everyone,

I think it has been over my target of a week for a new post.

We are settling in some more, and life is rolling pretty smoothly.  The big events since the last post were:  starting Kathy process to get her residente temporal though a process called Unidad Familar.  She will have her own card independent of mine, but I had to sign a statement saying something along the lines of taking care of her financial needs.  It will cost approximately 1,000 pesos more than the regular fee for a temporal card because there is a charge for her change of status from Visitante to Temporal. 

In the meatime we went to Mérida’s Slow Food Market a week ago, and will return today.  Cheeses,  local organically grown lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers and other veggies, meat (including some delicious  rabbit sausage), eggs, cheeses, baked goods and prepared foods by a variety of vendors.  There is a coffee shop at the location where we bought some delicious Italian and Espresso roast coffee to bring home.  I think we have found our coffee supplier.  Here are some photos:





Another big event was the arrival of our crate from the USA.  210 cubic feet of stuff:

Instead of driving around the block when they drove a block too far, the driver backed the truck up, blocking traffic, which lead to a symphony of honking horns and waving hands


Checking off the box numbers on the inventory list





That is it for now.  Time to cook breakfast and prepare for a return trip to the Slow Food Market


6 thoughts on “Time flies

  1. How exciting to have your stuff! Once you’ve unpacked please let us know if all arrived in good order. 210 cubic feet. Huh. Doesn’t sound like much space but it looks like quite a few boxes. I know I’ll be paring down until the very last minute they’re filling the crate….

    • Hi Barbara,
      Everything we have unpacked is in good order, but we will not be unpacking much of it until we move to our long-term rental at the end of April. Quite a bit fit into the crate (lift-van). It is nice to have some of our kitchen stuff with us and unpacked

  2. Good morning, Ron & Kathy,
    Good to hear and see snippets of your lives. I giggled at the backing up truck and honking horns. Good way to let the whole community know of your presence – if they didn’t already!
    Spring may be here. A couple of days with a light jacket or sweater. Tomorrow back in the mid 40s.
    I note on the wall in one room a niche for a home altar. Interesting.
    Happy almost St. Patty’s day. Love & blessings,

    • Hi Dee,

      Thank you! We are going to a St. Patrick’s day think at an Irish pub here in Mérida tonight :). Many homes here have home altars

      91 here now, heading to 97 with a high of 99 forecast for tomorrow. Then it supposed to be back in the 80’s for a couple of days

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