Immigration and Exploration

On Wednesday I had an appointment at Migracion.  I met Liz at her office and off we went, after paying for the translation work on our apostilled marriage license and the affidavit from the Consulate affirming that my wife was the same person with her married name as she was with her maiden name.

After about 10 minutes of waiting, we got called into a room that had 4-6 workstations in it.  There I was fingerprinted and signed documents.   Card should be ready sometime later this week, depending on staffing during Carnival week.  The resident temporal card, along with the CURP (unique, randomly assigned idenfication number), will enable me to open a bank account and buy a car, two big items on our to do list.

It feels it has been a fairly routine week.  A little sun and pool time in the morning.  A little hunting and gathering before or after that.  Went to Costco again yesterday and bought another pool floatie, a  couple of large, lush pool towels, some towels for the guest bedroom and a couple of pillows for the same. 

Our crate of belongings is due to arrive on March 10.  Figuring out money transfer things to pay rent on the new, longer-term house we are renting effective May 1.  Skype is proving to be a blessing for communicating with the new landlords in Florida, with Fidelity and with family and friends.  Staying in touch is a lot easier than when my Dad moved us to Brazil in the early 1960’s (ham radio or long distance calls when you waited for hours for the operator to call you back with the completed connection.)

We have friends from the US coming down for the last 10 days in March.  The day after they leave, Kathy starts a Spanish immersion class at Habla, a language school here.  I need to find out when the next Spanish for speakers of other languages class starts at UNAM, and get signed up for testing and placement into the appropriate class.

Life is going pretty well.  We both seem to be making the initial adjustment without much trauma. 

Now for some photos:

View from the back patio


Morning sunlight on back wall glass



Yesterday’s supper, cooking from cans seems tastier here, for now


Living and dining room


New bench


More next week 🙂

8 thoughts on “Immigration and Exploration

  1. we are enjoying your wonderful stories…keep them coming.
    Some of the posts on the net describe Merida as could be “gritty”….
    other parts beautiful. Infrastructure chaotic. We’re from Vancouver
    and will stay in Merida for 3 mnths around Feb or Mar through possibly May 2015,
    so we want to make sure we are not confronted with culture shock.
    We do read of many Vancouver folks who have moved there outright or spend winters
    and love it. We understand the city feels safe. Your impressions, coming from a similar
    area like Portland OR, will be comforting. Also when you run into any ex-pat meetings, clubs,
    we’d like to hear. Thanks

  2. so when can i come visit and use the guestroom, fluffy new towels and pool? ahhh, in my dreams. right now it is 37 deg. the wind is blowing at 20 mph-humidity around 60%. at times like this i wish i were wintering in mexico-but we do love living here and we get lots of sunshine, even in winter! i have wonderful japanese friends and plenty of work and activities to keep me constantly on the go. hope all continues to go smoothly for you both.

    teresa in nagoya

    • Thanks Tammy,
      The house is wonderful, but we will be moving to a long-term rental at the end of April. It is not a “colonial”, but is very nice.

      We are more relaxed than the year we spend getting the house ready to sell and making the move :). That sure was a lot of work!

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