Back in Broadband Land

Hi all,

The Cablemas people were here today to install broadband internet access. I selected the midrange speed. WiFi built into the modem they left for me.

I am going to aim for one blog post a week. It has been an eventful three weeks since we arrived and I guess I have some catching up to do, but it is siesta time. 🙂

Tomorrow we go to the consulate to get an affidavit saying that Kathy is the same person she was before she got married and changed her name. Feb. 26 to the immigration office for fingerprints.

Kathy is in the pool doing her water exercises and I can see her from the back, screened in patio where I am typing this.

1779932_10152240359504233_358870199_nLets see if I can add a photo of the pool from the back of the garden.  Aha, I did it 🙂

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