The shipment of household goods is on its way

Good morning,

Yesterday Mayflower’s Matt and Miguel showed up and packed the household goods we are shipping to Mérida. One crate, about 210 cubic feet of our lives, is on the way. We are using Strom White to ship the goods, and Mayflower will deliver the lift-van (big crate) to Strom White’s warehouse in Laredo. Their customs broker will get it across the border and it should arrive within a few weeks.

The schedule for the next 8 days includes:

Shipping a few small things to relatives in the USA
Getting our cat examined and certified for international travel
Moving the rest of our furniture to a sister-n-law’s house. Some of it will go to our nephew and his wife who have just bought their first home and some will stay with Laurie
Get togethers with friends and former colleagues on Saturday, Sunday and Monday
Packing our suitcases, spending a couple of nights with friends and heading to the airport

So far we have accomplished all we have set out to do since deciding to sell our house this past May.  It has been hard work.  Stay tuned for stories of our accomplishments, frustrations, triumphs and setbacks as we continue along the path to being successful (or not) transplants in Mérida, Yucatán, Mexico.

7 thoughts on “The shipment of household goods is on its way

  1. Stay tuned I will. Much enjoy reading your concise missives. Hopefully much of the hardest work is behind you. Safe travels!

  2. You may hear this directly from Strom White with whom we are negotiating our upcoming move to Merida. I have asked for a reference from Strom White from a client recently moved to Merida. They mentioned, without names of course, that they would be completing just such a move within the next month or so and would then ask for my requested reference. I assume it is you, Ron and Kathy. Would you mind telling us, by e-mail, how your experience progresses?
    Thank you!

    • Hi Paul, it probably is us. The stateside movers, a Mayflower outfit (Eastside Moving in Portland, OR) did the packing and inventory. We sent one lift van down.

      I will write about it after our shipment arrives, and will be happy to have email communication with you about the experience.

      Strom White does move quite a few people to Central Mexico, and those references may be helpful to you. Over on Mexconnect there have been some threads about moving and other companies have been mentioned. You may want to search for those threads.

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