The final push

We are in pretty good shape for the last 2 1/2 weeks in the USA. Kathy has been in Arizona the past 4 days visiting one of her sisters.

In her absence, I have:

Finished going through boxes of papers, sorting them into recycling and shredding boxes. All but the last box that needs shredded have gone to the shredder.

Ordered the cat’s travel harness, leash and folding litter box.

Prepared two computers for recycling. Have one more to go.

The next big thing will happen next week when the packers/movers arrive to do their thing. The following Saturday the rest of the furniture gets moved to its new owners. After a couple of nights on the air mattress, we spend a couple of nights with friends and then we are off to the airport

It Is Happening.

3 thoughts on “The final push

  1. SO excited for you! Can’t wait until it’s my turn, and to hear your next installment. Wishing you safe and uneventful travel.

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