Update: Stateside Visa Process Complete

Received an email from the consulate yesterday. Be here at noon tomorrow with your passport, it said.

So, I went downtown early and stopped by the old workplace. Had a good visit with my former colleagues and set up tentative dates to do orientation / onboarding sessions with the two research analysts that are starting on Monday. Fun times.

At the consulate the visa person took a photo of me, I did a fingerprint scan, we talked about Mexico and our plans there, I went to the cajero and paid the small fee for the US side of the processing and walked out with the residente temporal document attached to my passport.  There is still a lot do once we arrive in Mérida and go to the immigration office.  In terms of showing documentation of our income and assets that qualify me for this status, it is almost like back to square one.  The requirements may be different (showing one year rather than the six months required at the consulate, for example), but I am confident it will go smoothly.

On the sorting and packing front, big progress was made this week, and we are ready to resume tomorrow morning.  Kathy leaves on January 9 to visit her sister in Arizona and I think we will be pretty much done by then – except for the bins of papers that I need to sort into recycle boxes and shred boxes.   We have some old computer gear to recycle, and I have the mailing labels for them.  I just need to get them plugged in, booted up and wipe the hard drives

Onward and forward!!

10 thoughts on “Update: Stateside Visa Process Complete

  1. old computer gear, you wouldn’t happen to have an old computer with ms office would you, or an old version of office disk. trying to avoid buying yet another one, and open office isn’t quite as friendly as word

  2. Debi, we do not have an old computer with ms office or an old office disk. These are all Macs, and I use Apple’s iWork suite. Kathy uses Adobe products.

    Have you looked at Open Office: https://www.openoffice.org/?
    “Apache OpenOffice is the leading open-source office software suite for word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, graphics, databases and more. It is available in many languages and works on all common computers. It stores all your data in an international open standard format and can also read and write files from other common office software packages. It can be downloaded and used completely free of charge for any purpose.”

    They even have a Facebook page

  3. How exciting to be this close! Might I ask – perhaps I missed something in your posts but you speak of you going to the consulate and your immigrations progress….is Kathy not doing the same? My notes say each individual must qualify on their own for temporary or permanent status. Is this not correct?

    From your previous post – is it possible to pay upfront for four years of temporary status and therefore not have to reapply every year for four years?

    And one more if I may – do you mean once in Mexico they could require a year of bank documents showing retired income (rather than the six months the consulate in the U,S, required) and your temporary status would not be granted/start until you’d been retired a year, regardless of what the consulate attached to your passport in the U.S.?

    Again thank you SO much for sharing the process!


    • Hi Barbara,

      I have been told now that new residente temporal applicants can only pay for one year when they first get their visa in Mexico. Upon renewing for the second year one can pay for more than one year.

      For residente temporal I was not required to show 6 months of retirement income, it could be a mix of paid work and retirement income. If I had been able to show 6 months of retirement income over a higher amount, I would have qualified for residente permanente, but I have not been retired for 6 months yet.

      Kathy is going down with a vistante (tourist) visa to start. Once I get my status from the immigration agency, she may be able to come in on that without having to prove income (Vínculo Familiar). If not, by that time she will qualify based on the amount of her investments, having recently rolled over a 401k equivalent into her IRA. I think the required balance is close to $100,000 in an investment account for a certain number of months.

      Hope that was clear.

  4. When we completed the Residente Temporal process in Merida in November, we did NOT need to present any additional income data. We used YES and the small fee charged was well worth it. In our case, we could not pay for all four years at once and must renew annually.

  5. In response to Debi in Merida’s request – I have just located a disc for MS Office XP 2002 if that is not too old and if I can get it to her. It is in excellent shape.


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