The shipment of household goods is on its way

Good morning,

Yesterday Mayflower’s Matt and Miguel showed up and packed the household goods we are shipping to Mérida. One crate, about 210 cubic feet of our lives, is on the way. We are using Strom White to ship the goods, and Mayflower will deliver the lift-van (big crate) to Strom White’s warehouse in Laredo. Their customs broker will get it across the border and it should arrive within a few weeks.

The schedule for the next 8 days includes:

Shipping a few small things to relatives in the USA
Getting our cat examined and certified for international travel
Moving the rest of our furniture to a sister-n-law’s house. Some of it will go to our nephew and his wife who have just bought their first home and some will stay with Laurie
Get togethers with friends and former colleagues on Saturday, Sunday and Monday
Packing our suitcases, spending a couple of nights with friends and heading to the airport

So far we have accomplished all we have set out to do since deciding to sell our house this past May.  It has been hard work.  Stay tuned for stories of our accomplishments, frustrations, triumphs and setbacks as we continue along the path to being successful (or not) transplants in Mérida, Yucatán, Mexico.

The final push

We are in pretty good shape for the last 2 1/2 weeks in the USA. Kathy has been in Arizona the past 4 days visiting one of her sisters.

In her absence, I have:

Finished going through boxes of papers, sorting them into recycling and shredding boxes. All but the last box that needs shredded have gone to the shredder.

Ordered the cat’s travel harness, leash and folding litter box.

Prepared two computers for recycling. Have one more to go.

The next big thing will happen next week when the packers/movers arrive to do their thing. The following Saturday the rest of the furniture gets moved to its new owners. After a couple of nights on the air mattress, we spend a couple of nights with friends and then we are off to the airport

It Is Happening.

Update: Stateside Visa Process Complete

Received an email from the consulate yesterday. Be here at noon tomorrow with your passport, it said.

So, I went downtown early and stopped by the old workplace. Had a good visit with my former colleagues and set up tentative dates to do orientation / onboarding sessions with the two research analysts that are starting on Monday. Fun times.

At the consulate the visa person took a photo of me, I did a fingerprint scan, we talked about Mexico and our plans there, I went to the cajero and paid the small fee for the US side of the processing and walked out with the residente temporal document attached to my passport.  There is still a lot do once we arrive in Mérida and go to the immigration office.  In terms of showing documentation of our income and assets that qualify me for this status, it is almost like back to square one.  The requirements may be different (showing one year rather than the six months required at the consulate, for example), but I am confident it will go smoothly.

On the sorting and packing front, big progress was made this week, and we are ready to resume tomorrow morning.  Kathy leaves on January 9 to visit her sister in Arizona and I think we will be pretty much done by then – except for the bins of papers that I need to sort into recycle boxes and shred boxes.   We have some old computer gear to recycle, and I have the mailing labels for them.  I just need to get them plugged in, booted up and wipe the hard drives

Onward and forward!!