Housing in Mérida

We’ve moved from the house we sold into an apartment.  The next move will be to Mérida and we are thinking about what we want in a house there.  It will be a rental as we have no plans to buy at this time.  Our home environment is important to us, particularly since Kathy’s vision has continued to get worse.  She can get it set up, know where everything is and not bump into hard stuff too often.

The basics:

Three bedroom (maybe two depending)

two bathrooms

some covered outdoor space

a swimming pool

air conditioning in at least one room

good privacy

Location just depends.  We are not opposed to something in Centro, but are also open to something outside of Centro.  It depends some on the old real estate saying : “location, location, location.”  If we find a house we think we would be happy in, then a longer term lease would be possible, if not then a shorter term lease while we look for something we think we would like longer term.

We will start looking some when we are down in November and December.  Not in any particular rush, though.

Ya’ll already living in Mexico, feel free to comment on this wish list.

5 thoughts on “Housing in Mérida

  1. I am not much of a planner. But you have already made the most important decision. Rent before you buy — if you buy, at all. As for what the house should look like, I handle this the same way I do dating. The list does not matter. Falling in love with the place does. Of course, that may explain why I am still single.And looking at houses.

    • We may never buy again, on the other hand, we might 🙂

      The list is important to us. The house does not have to check off everything in the list, but some are requirements for a longer term house, like the pool, for example.

  2. I can’t offer much regarding living in Mexico, other than to stay off horse carriages mixing it up in traffic and loose dogs. I do want to endorse the idea of having some AC, particularly for a room that will hold clothing, books and paperwork, electronics, and other stuff that doesn’t like humidity. The master bedroom might not be the place, as it could become a cocoon and open air sleeping would be lost to habit. An extra bedroom would make for a great “office/dressing room.” and could include a daybed for afternoon siesta. It doesn’t cost much to run AC when the inside air isn’t much cooler than outside, but has substantially reduced humidity.

    • Good thoughts Larry! For those who do not know, Larry lives on St. John, USVI and has some experience with warm weather living. On the horse carriage thing, Larry and his family were in a carriage in Guadalajara that was in an accident and his wife still has, I believe, pins in her ankle from that accident.

  3. Buying a house in Merida? You’re so right to rent as long as possible. Some things to note: Traffic noise — open your ears during weekday work hours. Also, a north-to-south orientation facilitates ventilation. As to the construction of a Merida house: Whether it has a water purification system is a clue as to how lived in (and loved) the home is. Beware buying a spec house with dazzling chandeliers and furniture. IMHO, for ease of resale value, you absolutely must be as close to the English Library as possible. As well, the area somewhat north and west of the MEL is quiet while close to the epicenter. All in all, you’ve got to think out what you plan to do day-to-day in Merida. For me, being within walking distance of the Lucas Galvez main market was vital. Gratefully, Colonia Mejorada is still an “up and coming” district of moderate valuation.

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