A blast from the past

The below was written over 7 years ago, published in late January, 2006.  The timeline changed (remember the Great Recession?)

Sunday, January 22, 2006

Timing is everything

When looking at the point in time at which enough resources are available for a decent life one must not be too optimistic. I ran some numbers today, having received the most recent statement from my state retirement system, which will be one source of the enough resources picture.

There are other sources – we are on, apparently, the many small pots of retirement money and we won’t starve plan. Between the two of us we will have 3 vested state pension plans, 2 IRAs, and three fairly small defined contribution pots. Add to that a dash of Social Security (Yes, Virginia, there is a Social Security Claus for folks in the early to mid 50’s) and the proceeds from the sale of our home. We think we’ll be able to live indefinitely in a lower cost location starting in the Winter of 2009-2010. I’ll turn 58 then. To stay where we are, I’d have to work to 65 or 66.

I like my job. I enjoy working for a college and I am good at what I do. I have pleasant colleagues and I do fulfilling work, so, why would I want to retire early. Well, I am tired of watching people die before any semblance of a normal lifespan has been achieved. A mother-in-law, a brother-in-law, an aunt, a niece, a son and more recently a colleague who was in the process of retiring at the age of 56.

It is one thing to die when old enough for people to think: “well,that person lived a good long life.” It is quite another to start pushing up flowers at a younger age.

I want to have a large chunk of self-directed time before I start playing a harp. I want Kathy and I to have that together.


Housing in Mérida

We’ve moved from the house we sold into an apartment.  The next move will be to Mérida and we are thinking about what we want in a house there.  It will be a rental as we have no plans to buy at this time.  Our home environment is important to us, particularly since Kathy’s vision has continued to get worse.  She can get it set up, know where everything is and not bump into hard stuff too often.

The basics:

Three bedroom (maybe two depending)

two bathrooms

some covered outdoor space

a swimming pool

air conditioning in at least one room

good privacy

Location just depends.  We are not opposed to something in Centro, but are also open to something outside of Centro.  It depends some on the old real estate saying : “location, location, location.”  If we find a house we think we would be happy in, then a longer term lease would be possible, if not then a shorter term lease while we look for something we think we would like longer term.

We will start looking some when we are down in November and December.  Not in any particular rush, though.

Ya’ll already living in Mexico, feel free to comment on this wish list.