Busy times, and sad too

Since selling the house we have moved into a 1 bedroom apartment and stored some belongings that still need sorted in the garage we rented along with the apartment.  This little 47 unit complex has a walking score of 97% – a fact that delights us.  Two grocery stores, a hardware store and pharmacy, major shopping, restaurants and a Saturday farmer’s market within a few blocks – but not so close to us that we have much traffic.

In mid-October we are taking the train up to Vancouver, BC to spend Canadian Thanksgiving with a family who are good friends.  Their two teens consider us to be their adoptive grandparents.  November 11 we fly to the Yucatan for 4 weeks, two weeks of beach vacation and a couple of weeks in the city.  While there we will start our search for a rental house to move to soon after the first of the year.

Last week I flew to the midwest.  My 58 year old brother suffered a fatal heart attack.  CPR was started immediately (he was at work), paramedics arrived within 8 minutes and they worked on him in the ER for 45 minutes but he could not be revived.  While early death of loved ones is a path we have walked before, it is never easy.  Take care of yourselves and do not leave much unfinished business for what can be an uncertain and short future – particularly if you have relationship fences that need tending to or mending.



4 thoughts on “Busy times, and sad too

  1. so very sorry to hear about your brother. it must have been quite a shock to lose him at such a young age. i’m 58 myself. while on a trip to the states in july i was diagnosed with basal cell carcinoma on my nose. thankfully it was caught early and totally removed. it made me think about the fact that i really do need to take better care of myself so i can enjoy good health for whatever time the good Lord sees fit to have me on this earth.

    good luck with the move.

    teresa in nagoya

  2. I know you will take care of each other through all the changes. You are in my thoughts during this difficult time. Looking forward to pics of your pre-retirement digs. XOXO

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