The house is sold

Two days, it took. Multiple offers and a mini bidding war.

Put a deposit on an apartment in Lake Oswego today.

Got a bid for moving some stuff to Merida, will get another one next week.

Got my retiree card from Portland Community College.

This is no longer a delusion folks, it is happening 🙂

6 thoughts on “The house is sold

  1. Wow! Congratulations! Very nice…..and SO encouraging! I’d love it if you’d post about your moving company – and be especially grateful come move time if you’d post about your experience with them. I’ll be moving from Gig Harbor, WA to San Miguel, and have no clue what it will cost – or who is reputable.

    Thank you so very much for sharing all this. It helps more than you know!


    • Hi Barbara,

      The bid we have is from Strom movers. They are reputable, but it is not inexpensive.

      For two crates measuring 7x7x4, including packing, etc… It will cost about $7,400.

      Since we are moving 45 minutes from the Gulf Coast, we will also get a bid via Lineas Peninsular for a shipping container going from either Houston or Panama City to Progreso, Yucatan

      • Oh my. Well if they go by size of crate and not by weight…hmmmmmm. Thank you again for sharing! I look forward to further posts about your new adventure. Certainly a Life Buzz! : )

      • Hi Barbara,

        They did an estimate of what it would weigh. The email includes this line:

        Actual price may vary depending on the final weight and size of your shipment

    • We’ll be down for 4 weeks in November/December – maybe longer if everything can get done by then. By everything I mean, among other things, the immigration dance with the Mexico’s consulate in Portland, etc….

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