On having acquired a real estate agent and preparing the house.

I will fill in some of the details about what we will be doing over the next month, but first our meeting with the agent.

Our agent’s name is Kristin Rader.  She was recommended by a friend from Carbondale who has retired out here, and further screened by another friend who lives a couple of hours south of here.  That friend is  also a real estate agent.  We were very impressed with Kristin.

She went through the house with us and recommended some things.  She had also done a study of comparable listings, sales and pending sales.  As things stand now, our house will go on the market in early August.  It is a seller’s market here, and we should get quite a bit of interest in the first week it is on the market.  Kristin suggests that we leave town the first weekend because she said there will be multiple showings then and quite possibly one or more offers. We’ll see.  She also said it is possible that the listing price could go up some by early August, depending on what comparable sales happen over the next few weeks.  I suppose it could go down also, but that does not seem to be the direction in which the market is headed.

In the meantime we have some projects:

1) Strip and paint the other French door and the kitchen window frame

2) Paint the kitchen, dining room, one bedroom and the main bathroom

3) Rent a storage unit and move a bunch of stuff out of the house

4) A tree guy is coming by on Monday to do a walk through.  We have a couple of dead/nearly dead medium size birch trees that need to come down, and maybe two apple trees.

5)  Paint the kitchen cabinets and replace the hardware on the cabinets

6) Have the septic tank pumped

7) New carpet installed in the family room – it as already been selected and measured, waiting for the call from the schedulers now

We are going to be busy.  Given all that, we’ll have a cleaning crew come in right before the house goes on the market.  I think we will be ready for a break.

That is probably enough for one post.  If any of you want to come out with your painting clothes in your suitcase, we would welcome you.  HA!

4 thoughts on “On having acquired a real estate agent and preparing the house.

  1. Be careful of spending too much on details. Unless you can recover all of your money (plus some), you will simply be hiking the realtor’s commission at your expense. Of course, I was extremely fortunate to find the buyer who purchased my place. (Advice from a guy with realtors in the family.)

    • Thanks Steve,
      We pretty much just doing fairly low-cost cosmetics, as low cost as possible. The most expensive stuff will be new hardware for the kitchen cabinets and maybe the arborist.

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