One week Post-op now

Hi everyone,

My two previous posts were about the end of the 6  month diagnostic journey I had been on, got to the diagnosis, and referred to the surgery, a left adrenalectomy.   The surgery happened on Friday, Feb 1.

At 4:45 am a Comfort car from Metro West Ambulance Service arrived to pick us up.  Kathy is legally blind and does not drive, so…..Got checked in at the hospital, taken back and prepped, talked with the anesthesiologist – who told me about some scary risks and what they had by my side to deal with any of them, were they to happen.   They also gave me some happy juice through my IV at this time.  After that Kathy got to come back and spend some time with me.  I do not remember anything past that point until I was in the recovery room.

The laparoscopic surgery took about an hour, a bit less than expected.  The surgeon said my height provided plenty of room for all the organs, so it was not way crowded in there.  There were four small incisions made – the largest post-op dressing is about 1.5 inches square.

I was in the hospital for 4 nights.  The nursing and medical staff were outstanding!!  Even the lab techs who left my arms looking well-used.  Kathy was there for all of it.  Our sister-in-law, Laurie, was a champ – transporting Kathy and spending time with us.  We really appreciate that.  Don’t tell her, but a very nice dinner out is in her future.  That took care of the weekend, with Kathy spending the first night at a hotel across the street from the hospital.

On Monday, Kathy took public transportation (bus and light rail) to come see me and to get home.  She had to get home because we have an old cat who needs medication daily.  Anyway, each way took about 2 hours, taking the bus downtown and then a light rail to a stop about a 10-15 minute walk from the hospital.  On Tuesday Kathy came via the public transportation option, and when she arrived I was dressed in my street clothes.  Discharge Day!!   Laurie was able to transport us home.

Was the surgery worthwhile.  You can review the past couple of posts to review the hyperaldosteronism and its effect on my hypertension.  I was on 4 blood pressure meds before the surgery, taking a total of 6 doses.  Here is the current state of affairs:

Pre-op I was taking
100 mg a day of Atenolol,

80 mg a day Lisinopril
37.50 mg of Maxside
10 mg daily of Norvasc

Most pressures were in the 144-150 over 85-98 range

Today I am taking:

75 mg a day of Atenenol
10 mg a day of Norvasc

Most Pressures have been in the 127-143 over 78-90 range

I am beyond delighted!  I am also not taking any potassium supplements.  My expectations have been met and exceeded

If you do a search on youtube for adrenalectomy, you can find some videos.

9 thoughts on “One week Post-op now

    • Congrats Steve!!

      Everything came to a stop for the medical stuff – first Kathy’s cataract surgery and then my thing. We need to reset. I turn 62 on November 4, and that is the date by which I definitely plan to be there.

  1. i’m very happy to hear the surgery was so successful. when i first read about it, it sounded kind of scary. just want you to know that i have been praying for you and hope your recovery continues to go well.

    teresa in nagoya

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