Test Results

Got the results of the test. Here is what the endocrinologist wrote to me:

“Your adrenal vein sampling’s aldosterone results are back and I have carefully reviewed and analyzed them.

These data suggest that you have a LEFT aldosterone producing adenoma. CT in December 2012 had shown: “nodularity of the lateral limb of the left adrenal gland inferiorly measuring 2.3 x 1.0 cm.”

I offer you consultation with a surgeon to consider adrenal surgery in the hopes that it will help your blood pressure and low potassium (with successful surgery, blood pressure is rarely cured, but often improved, that is requiring fewer blood pressure medications and potassium supplements)

Alternative to surgery is very successful and effective medication therapy (with Spironolactone or in those intolerant to Spironolactone, Eplerenone).”

Don’t you just love doctor language 🙂

I requested the consultation with a surgeon. I think these are usually done laparoscopically. More hurry up and wait.

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