Shipping and cat stuff

Have a ballpark figure of $6,000 for a 20 foot container from Portland, OR to Progreso, Yucatán. We’ll see how that holds up once the fellow does the complete work-up.

In other news, Merlin Cat Smith* has high blood pressure and renal insufficiency. Back to the vet on Saturday, but sounds like some special food and blood pressure medicine.*

Merlin Cat Smith was on a prescription I picked up for him in Illinois when he was a young lad with an infection. Usually called Merlin, that is his full, formal name. 🙂

That’s all for now.

4 thoughts on “Shipping and cat stuff

  1. We moved from Portland, OR to Lake Chapala area a few years ago and had our first adventure with a shipping company. The Mexican shippers charges were very clear. Charges were per lift-van from Laredo, TX to Ajijic, Jalisco area. Lift Van dimensions are: 7ft x 7ft x 4ft. Charged by size, not by weight. Mexican company worked with US moving company, Mayflower to get the load to their Laredo, TX warehouse. Mayflower rep convinced us that unless they handed the inventory and insurance that we would have disastrous results. We had a clear inventory, had separated all electronic devices, had lists of serial numbers, etc. Boxes were clearly marked. We sent our list electronically to Mexican shipping company and they prepared the documents for the actual border crossing.
    We sold our large home and moved into a small apartment during the last days of the sale. Took a long time to down-size our belongings. Almost everything was boxed. We did not ship furniture. Unpacked items were dishes, pans, etc. in kitchen. We offered to pack those items and were told that packing was included in “door to door” so we needed to leave something for the crew to pack. We calculated and measured carefully, everything we wanted to ship should have fit in 3 lift-vans.
    On moving day our apartment was swarmed by a crew from the moving company. Way too many people for the limited amount of things that needed to be packed. My small amount of glassware was wrapped in so much paper that each glass became the size of a small soccer ball. We were charged for each sheet of paper and each box. Seriously, one cupboard of dishes turned into a 3 ft high box. I was going to give away clothes hangers but a person opened the almost empty closet and wrapped empty hangers in paper and created 2 huge boxes of hangers, grrr. I made some suggestions and was asked to leave. Another crew swarmed our storage unit. Everything there was in boxes. All the crew had to do was load the boxes into the truck but there was some debate over how we had packed a few items so the items were repackaged using lots of paper. End result was that our careful measurements didn’t take into account the extra boxes caused by packing crew. When the 3rd lift-van was full the moving truck left and we had 12 boxes sitting in the driveway plus a bicycle. I loved that bicycle but had to sell it pronto, sold it for a song and made someone’s day. Then we made decisions about the remaining boxes. Wish I could have had some say about what went and what stayed. I would have sent some of the boxes left in exchange for the huge boxes of empty hangers.
    Extra charges happened: We were charged a few hundred by the moving company to hand-write what was on our typed list of inventory. We were charged significant $ for supposed excess weight. We purchased replacement value insurance and it was very expensive.
    3 lift boxes from Portland, Oregon to Ajijic, Jalisco, Mexico. Our initial estimate was $5,000. Actual cost was double. The Mexican shipper found out we had purchased insurance from the American company. They lost significant $ and were mad at us. Mexican shipper didn’t talk to us about insurance. They turned everything over to Mayflower. Door to Door $ was not shared with Mexican shipper so they not feel responsible to have their crew deliver the load and unpack for free. We got caught in the middle. In Mexico we paid to have some items delivered but not the extra to have them unpacked. We ended up storing a large portion of our belongings in Mexico (at the shippers) for $60 USD per month because our rental was smaller than we remembered. That was our fault.
    I loved Mexico, my husband did not. Eventually, we moved back to the US. The same items, packed by us, filled 2 lift-vans. Used same Mexican shipper. Items were shipped to Laredo, TX. We rented a moving van, paid to have it loaded and drove to Portland. Cost was less than half even though fuel prices were significantly more. Should have done that for the move down.
    I’ve since learned about self-move options like having a pod delivered to your home, or renting a van and hiring people to do the actual loading. Am very skeptical of US moving companies. Mexican company was more honest and less expensive.
    Best of luck figuring out the best way to ship your belongings.
    I hope the new visa requirements have not hindered your plans to move to Mexico.

  2. If you are concerned about your blood pressure there are different types of medication you can take to help control or lower your pressure. You might try some lifestyle changes first before opting for medicine. Remember that sometimes medicine is the only way you might be able to lower it. Different lifestyle changes do not always work on their own. First you might consider your diet. Do you consider yourself a healthy eater? Do you think you have a pretty healthy diet? Your diet could be affecting your blood pressure. High amounts of salt and sodium intake can raise your blood pressure. Try to limit your salt intake and eat more fresh fruits and vegetables. If you love salt, consider substituting it with a different seasoning. There are so many different kinds of seasonings available you can easily find something to your liking.”

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    • You know, this may be perfectly good advice for someone with essential hypertension. For someone whose hypertension is caused by an aldosterone producing benign tumor on an adrenal gland, not so much. One of my frustrations was that all the common medical advice for hypertension did not work – among those weight-loss, increased exercise, the DASH diet and others.

      I think your best advice to people with hypertension would be to get a full medical work-up that includes some testing for the possibility of primary hyperaldosteronism – a condition that may be responsible for 10-15% of all hypertension cases.

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