Another short update

Hi everyone,

The house is painted. The fall/winter rains have started.

Kathy is legally blind, according to her doctors. She is meeting with the Social Security Administration in early November to see what they think about that and about her eligibility for benefits.

My last meeting of my regional professional association is in early November, right after my penultimate meeting of my statewide professional association. Landmarks, these are. I just finished the presidential cycle of the regional (Oregon, Washington, Idaho and British Columbia) association last year.

Time to move on to indoor projects and to the sorting of belongings. We plan to scan in many of our photos from over the decades and to sell or give away a lot of stuff.

It is happening.

6 thoughts on “Another short update

  1. You are wise to do it all now. I am flying north on the 3rd to do what I should have done 4 years ago. But I am p[utting my house on the market “as is.” Merely to get it done.

  2. I wish I had thought of scanning photos etc. I have been sorting the photos we brought down and returning them north to live with other family members. of course, I get sidetracked by memories as I look at them.

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