Shipping and cat stuff

Have a ballpark figure of $6,000 for a 20 foot container from Portland, OR to Progreso, Yucatán. We’ll see how that holds up once the fellow does the complete work-up.

In other news, Merlin Cat Smith* has high blood pressure and renal insufficiency. Back to the vet on Saturday, but sounds like some special food and blood pressure medicine.*

Merlin Cat Smith was on a prescription I picked up for him in Illinois when he was a young lad with an infection. Usually called Merlin, that is his full, formal name. 🙂

That’s all for now.

Another short update

Hi everyone,

The house is painted. The fall/winter rains have started.

Kathy is legally blind, according to her doctors. She is meeting with the Social Security Administration in early November to see what they think about that and about her eligibility for benefits.

My last meeting of my regional professional association is in early November, right after my penultimate meeting of my statewide professional association. Landmarks, these are. I just finished the presidential cycle of the regional (Oregon, Washington, Idaho and British Columbia) association last year.

Time to move on to indoor projects and to the sorting of belongings. We plan to scan in many of our photos from over the decades and to sell or give away a lot of stuff.

It is happening.