Mid-year look at retirement plans

The plan is to move to Mérida in late spring / early summer 2013, in order to enjoy events like big band music at Parque Santiago on Tuesday evenings,

Performers at the Thursday Serenata Yucateco at Parque Santa Lucia,

Or the Sunday dances at Santa Lucia.  We have seen this couple there since 2006

So, how are we doing?  We plan to sell the house here, and work on the living room is done.  Labor Day weekend we have some projects planned and we seem to be roughly on target in terms of getting the house ready to go on the market.  We do have some areas of disagreement about what should be done to prepare the house.  I am the minimalist while Kathy would like to do more.  I see compromises in our future.

My plan is to give the college a three month notice of retirement on November 5, the day after my 61st birthday, and to work on on contract from the start of February through mid-May.  Kathy plans to stop working before then, but the date has not been set.

Finances look all right.  A month or so ago Kathy asked me what I did when I felt a little anxious about whether everything would, in fact, work out.  I replied “my spreadsheets, they bring me comfort.” She laughed :).  While 2008 was not good for investments, the 3 1/2 years since then have been quite good and I am not overly worried the money aspects of the move – cautious but optimistic may be an appropriate description.  Over the past decade, it seems like an Apple a day keeps the poorhouse away.

So, it seems like all systems are go and the ones that we may have some doubts on (medical, for example), can be cared for as well or better in Mérida as here.