Future Travel Plans and Traveling Buddies

A couple we know from Mérida, Tom and Debi, are in Madrid.

This is very interesting to us because we are planning a trip to the Iberian Peninsula for 2014.  Move to Mérida around May of 2013, and travel to Portugal and Spain around June of 2014.

Kathy really wants to see Barcelona while her vision is still pretty good, even if her field of vision is tunnel-like.  This came up last year when she asked me what I wanted to do for my 60th birthyday (November 4).  My answer was to be in Mérida for Hanal Pixan (Maya Day of the Dead), and be on the Caribbean side for my birthday.  She said:  Okay buddy, but I want Barcelona for my 60th, so you had better start saving your money 🙂

Barcelona and other points on the Peninsula.  I went to grade school in Brasil, and Portugal is the mother country.  We are enjoying the tales of Tom and Debi’s trips that are slowly leaking out, and we look forward to getting travel tips from them.

4 thoughts on “Future Travel Plans and Traveling Buddies

    • It is a major city, with the cultural, educational, medical, and etc…that big cities have.

      It is 45 minutes from the Gulf of Mexico and 4 hours to the Caribbean.

      We know folks there, and on the Caribbean side of the Yucatan. This may be the reason with the heaviest weight.

      We like it. We have also visited Guanajuato, San Miguel de Allende, Guadalajara, and Ajijic. Of those, we liked Guanajuato the best.

      • Thanks. We will be renting in a variety of areas, including Merida, before deciding where to live.I’m one who wants to hear the ocean, but may not like the heat and humidity of summer.

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