Another small step and updates

Kathy is painting the wood trim of the living room picture window – it took a lot of hours to get it ready between sanding and then taping the 20 smaller panes that make up the window.

Kathy received a letter from her eye doc this week, confirming that she is legally blind.  A Commission for the Blind staffer thought she would need it to exchange her still valid driver’s license for a state ID card.  Seems Kathy is pretty sure she got some funny looks with using a driver’s license for ID at the airport whilst walking with a blindness cane.

She told me this week that she is feeling some time pressure to get some things done while she can still see some – and that is currently manifest by occasionally frenetic brain activity thinking about all the things she wants to do.

Next week I email the endocrinologist to set up a test that may reveal something about why my blood pressure is high and my potassium level low.  As Bette Davis said: “Getting old is not for sissies.”

Getting older is a lot of fun, though.  I look forward to many more years of getting older!

Small steps, frenetic thoughts, medical tests – all part of the current landscape of our lives.

3 thoughts on “Another small step and updates

    • Theresa, Kathy stopped driving about 6 years ago :). We are excited about moving down there also. We still have quite a bit to do here, but I am starting to feel a little like a short-timer 🙂

  1. as i always say, getting old beats the alternative. hope you get the results and a solution to your health issues soon.

    enjoying some time with my younger son in l.a. on to seattle on wed., kingsport, tn. the following week for our older son’s wedding then finally to miami to visit my family and enjoy my sister’s good cuban cooking. back to japan on the 24th-all that traveling in 27 days-i think i’ll need a vacation from my vacation when i get back.

    teresa of nagoya

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