6 thoughts on “Guide Dogs for the Blind: Boring Oregon

  1. so when do you plan to make your move-retirement and merida? what do you mean about boring oregon? not sure if that’s where you live. i’m happy to see you and kathy are doing well. love the pix.
    i wrote to you a few months ago and had wondered why i hadn’t seen anything on your blog lately. glad to see you’re back. thought the title was that of a new blogger-glad i checked it. hope kathy’s tour goes well and that she finds a 4 legged companion. oh, i just remembered, or think i remember. is boring the name of the town?

    take care,

    teresa in nagoya

    • Boring is the name of the town 🙂

      We plan to be living in Merida no later than the end of May, 2013.

      Kathy isn’t looking for a guide dog now, the tour is part of mobility training she is taking at the Commission for the Blind. She is using a cane now. I think that part of the training is location-based, so if she were to get one here, there would need to be additional training when we moved. We have not investigated that at all yet.

  2. Boring is becoming a blog icon. It showed up in one of my posts not too long ago. Boring recently sat up a sister relationship with the village of Dull in Scotland. Really!

  3. My husband has a guide dog from GDB in San Rafael (even though we are Oregon residents currently in AZ) We lived in San Miguel for 2 years with his guide dog and learned a lot about guide dog laws in Mexico. Yes, there ARE access laws to protect you with a guide dog there–it’s just most people (especially the Mexican population) do not know about it. So it was a steep learning curve but we prevailed and found a great deal of acceptance once the Mexican management of various businesses understood there is indeed a law with rather strenuous consequences to their business if they do not comply.

    If your wife would ever like to discuss the world of guide dogs, especially with living in Mexico, please feel free to get in touch. My husband is also classified as legally blind, so we understand a lot about the challenges of all that.

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